Bringing Cake To The Office Could Be ‘Public Health Hazard’

Bringing cakes and sweets into the office contributes to unhealthy eating for “those who have difficulty resisting,” according to a UK government office.

The UK Civil Service, the permanent bureaucracy of the British government, tweeted that office cake could be a “public health hazard.”


In a blog post about the dangers of eating sugar and the importance of moderating diets with colorful vegetables, animal fats and protein, a civil service official recommended that at the very least, office treats “shouldn’t always be of the processed or sugary variety.”

“I do think we need to be more mindful of what is on offer in the office (not just during Ramadan), and of those who may suffer from or be susceptible to diabetes, of those who have difficulty resisting, or of simply not putting a spanner in the works of your colleague’s New Year’s resolution,” Liza Pawlowska, who works with the “Wellbeing Workstream” at the UK’s Department of the Treasury, said in the blog post.

The blog notes that sugar has been called “the most dangerous drug,” and says that in addition to being the root cause of diabetes, sugar may also be the a precursor to metabolic disorders leading “to cancer and degenerateive diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

The blog post also refers to an earlier story from the BBC about doctors who warn that treat breaks in large offices have become nearly a daily occurrence.

“While these sweet treats might be well meaning, they are also contributing to the current obesity epidemic and poor oral health,” Nigel Hunt, dean of the faculty at the Royal College of Surgeons, told the BBC.

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