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Two Students Attend University Workshop On White ‘Allyship’

White Privilege Campaign Glasses

A workshop held last week at Chapman University on “White Identity and Allyship” had an overwhelming attendance of two students.

The workshop, organized by Chapman University’s new “Cross-Cultural Center,” had five people total in attendance — three of whom were workshop facilitators, two were actual students.

Leti Romo, an assistant director for the Cross-Cultural Center, told The Panther Online, “This is meant to help students figure out what (allyship) means for them,” adding, “What was happening a lot was that students–in particular, students who identify as white — often felt like they were being told to be better allies, but they don’t really know what that means all of the time, or what actions they can take to show their allyship or their empathy.”

This isn’t Chapman University’s first embrace of leftist social justice warrior rhetoric.

Chapman’s Law School held a “2016 Social Justice Symposium” last year, with a talk entitled, “Blinded Justice: A Discussion About Whether The Legal System Values and Protects Diverse Communities.”

Another “social justice symposium” at Chapman occurred in Fall 2016, featuring panels called, “Refugees and the Politics of Seeking Asylum” and “Transgender Rights and the Legal Hurdles to Equal Protection.”

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