The Problem With The High Road

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After the controversy surrounding Kathy Griffin we have some commentators on the right demanding we forgive Griffin because she apologized, an apology which didn’t actually apologize to anyone, but merely that people found it offensive, so in my house growing up that’s not an acceptable apology. When does the high road become a liability for conservatives? Forgiveness in the 24 hour news cycle and internet age equals ambivalence, the story dies and America moves on as if it never happened. There are still groups suggesting that Trump has been forgiven for doing far worse, I challenge that to the fullest extent.


Conservatives have always congratulated themselves for taking the high road. The religious right has always called for forgiveness of their foes rather than the common onslaught of venom and rage that we would see from the left when they target someone. Does anyone remember when Rush Limbaugh had advertisers pulling off his show because they were being harassed by leftist groups after he made a comment about Sandra Fluke’s testimony before congress claiming that the lack of insurance to pay for contraceptive was like a death march for women? Even Sean Hannity was targeted just last week for entertaining the idea that Seth Rich might be who leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks.


The problem is that people confuse forgiveness with lack of punishment and we need to start dealing with controversies with an equal metric. I know we think the reactions from the left at any red meat they can go after against conservative voices are unfair and completely ridiculous but the only way we are ever going to prove that is to respond in kind and show them what it’s like when show line-ups change, people are kicked off tours, and celebrities are driven to the poor house for their lack of judgement.

I don’t like the state of affairs any more than you do, but if we don’t respond with the same temerity as the left than they will continue to get steam rolled by their narratives because they know that no matter how offensive or outrageous they are conservatives will just shout about it on social media and then forget after you offer a luke warm apology. When you are in a combative relationship you have to view your opponent as your ideological enemy and you would never go into a physical battle against someone with a gun holding a spoon and right now some of these conservatives are handing out spoons to counter Kathy Griffin’s tank battalion.

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