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Lena Dunham’s Newsletter Triumphantly Labels Pineapple As ‘The Feminist Fruit Of Our Times’

Shutterstock/Jiri Miklo, Shutterstock/Featureflash Photo AgencyShutterstock/Jiri Miklo, Shutterstock/Featureflash Photo Agency

Lena Dunham’s feminist newsletter, called Lenny Letter, has published a 939-word treatise explaining the many complicated and exciting reasons why the pineapple is the fruit which best symbolizes contemporary feminism and “the fast-moving periods of wokeness we have been going through of late.”


The author, Laia Garcia, observes that pineapples are appearing all over the place in fashion these days — stitched into jeans, “woven into silk blouses, turned into tiny handbags, printed onto wallpaper” and “emblazoned on cell-phone cases.”

The pineapple, the Lenny Letter writer suggests, is totally like “the peace signs and smiley faces of the ’70s.”

After a digression into the social meaning of pineapples in Western history, Dunham’s Lenny Letter arrives at a critically important historical crossroads: Stella McCartney’s spring 2001 collection for the French label Chloé. This batch of clothing “perfectly married Stella’s youthful, cheeky approach to the world of ‘high fashion,’ as seen on halter maillots with pineapple prints strategically placed at the crotch.”

Yves Saint Laurent was also “in a pineapple state of mind” during that crucial fashion year of 2001, the Lenny Letter explains.

Sixteen years later, while much other fashion has come and gone, “it is the pineapple that is still standing after the fast-moving periods of wokeness we have been going through of late.”

“You have bananas,” the Lenny Letter notes, “but other than their short-lived success thanks to Gwen Stefani’s spelling lessons in 2004, they’ve never quite taken off as a print. Also because they are shorthand for penis.”

Cherries are a “bad reputation’ fruit” and “a stand-in for cooters.” Strawberries have “cornered the little-girl market thanks to Strawberry Shortcake.”

“The pineapple is the feminist fruit of our times,” the Dunham’s Lenny Letter declares. “Yes, you can playfully joke that a pineapple is a vag, but it isn’t a friendly vag! There are spikes to get around, cutting into them takes a bit of practice, and if you don’t know how to eat them right, the rind will fuck up the corner of your mouth (sorry, was that too much?).”

Also, the pineapple will be “the primary motif of, dare I say it … the post-Trump era,” the Lenny Letter predicts.

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