Daily Vaper: Joyetech eGrip VT Review

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The Daily Vaper: There simply is no place on the Internet to find all the information a vaper needs when considering whether to buy a specific model. The Daily Vaper is a new series in which we share vape reviews. We give you everything you need tknowall in one place. The video review can be found at the bottom of the article. The entire series can be found here.

Joyetech’s eGrip VT mod comes in 6 colors. It has a maximum wattage output of 30 watts. The mod is equipped with the Variable Temperature Control system, supporting VT-Ti (Titanium)/VT-Ni (Nickel-200)/VW mode with an OLED screen. Two unique aspects of the eGrip VT are the method of refilling your liquids and the air flow regulator. First, to refill liquids, the user needs to push up the lid on the side of eGrip VT body, then slowly refill the liquids into the hole. Second, also on the side of this mod is your adjustable airflow option. The user needs to spin the adjustable screw on the side near the bottom; the looser the screw is, the bigger the air inlet is.

The reviewer states the eGrip VT may be a little too complicated to use for new vapers. Changing the coil, refilling liquids and adjusting airflow all must be done in unorthodox manners. He does point out that if you are looking for a very small mod that doesn’t have high wattage, this could be the mod for you. “The flavor is very good with this mod,” he indicates.

Joyetech eGrip VT Battery — $39.90

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