Daily Vaper: Hotcig R150 Review

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The R150 by Hotcig adopts a water and liquid resistance chip. It is powered by two 18650 batteries and can be efficiently replaced with the magnetic cover. The maximum wattage of this device can reach up to 150W with a temperature control mode. The R150 is also firmware upgradeable via its USB port. This mod is available in silver and black. The silver edition includes the same unique engraving design in silver, so the whole mod is silver. The black edition includes the engraving in white. Both options have a very unique look to them. The kicker is that they are both waterproof. That in itself is an amazing characteristic to have within a mod. Vapers do not have to worry about it getting wet.

The video even shows the R150 by Hotcig being used in the shower! But yes, vapers now have the option to take this mod poolside or to the beach, although I would be careful with the sand. Vapers do need to be careful not to get water inside the drip tip. The water will weaken the flavor you get from vaping. This is the only waterproof vape mod that I have come across. We learned that although the computer chip is waterproof, you still need to be mindful of other parts water may affect, like the tank, coil, liquid and especially the USB port. It also has the option for TC mode. Vapers have all the options they are looking for in a mod with the R150. The high wattage capability and water resistant quality are an added bonus.

Tanks of 25mm in diamater will sit flush atop the R150. The reviewer raves about the long battery life and very high build quality. Also there is no rattle with the buttons; it’s a very solid device. Overall, he gives the R150 a very good, positive review. He does suggest not using this mod in the shower nor getting water in specific places of the mod because it may damage the device. The R150 by Hotcig is highly recommended.

Original Hotcig R150 TC Mod 150W on sale for $97.91

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