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Top 5 Moments From HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Premier

Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered Sunday, and it was almost everything we could have ever asked for. Everyone’s storylines were on point, and the stage was set for an amazing season. Here is our ranking of the top 5 moments from the episode

1. Winter Comes For House Frey. 

Season 7 opens with good old Walder Frey hosting yet another feast for his family. Remember we saw Arya Stark slit Frey’s throat at the end of Season 6, taking vengeance for the murders of her family at the Red Wedding. So, this had to be either a flashback, or perhaps the Many Faced God at work once again. Walder tells everyone that he has gathered every important member of his family, and they will toast to the Frey’s successes. He describes the Red Wedding, bragging about the murder of Robb’s pregnant wife and of his mother Lady Catelyn Stark. As he speaks, his family begins to cough and choke on their wine. Then, in one of the more marvelous moments in Game of Thrones history, Walder pulls his face off and there we have it. Arya fucking Stark. Yes, sweet little Arya just wiped an entire family of the face of the earth. Arya tells Walder’s adolescent bride to tell anyone who asks what happened that the North remembers, and winter came for House Frey.

2. From Hound To Human. 

Sandor Clegane, a.k.a. “The Hound,” is now riding with the Brotherhood Without Banners and heading North. Beric and the Hound stumble upon an old farm house. If you remember back in Season 4, The Hound and Arya came upon this very same farm and were treated to a meal by the owner. After eating, the Hound stole the farmer’s food and silver, and left them to die. Once inside, the Hound sees the family he abandoned dead on their bed, having committed suicide to avoid inevitable starvation. Sandor is visibly upset by the fact that he was entirely responsible for their deaths. This is a massive change for his character, showing his transformation from Joffrey’s dog who kills as he is told. The Hound goes outside in the night to bury the family, and says a eulogy over their grave. This is a poignant moment, and a different version of the Hound that we haven’t seen before.

3. Shut Up Glover.  

Next we see the biggest steak in the entire show. Jon Snow, The White Wolf, The King in The North. He tells the Northern lords that Dragonglass is now more valuable than gold, because it is the only way to kill White Walkers. Jon also decrees that everyone ages 10 to 60 has to train with spear and sword, men and women alike. Lord Glover disagrees, but Lady Mormont shuts his shit right down. After a very public argument in which Sansa unnecessarily undermines Jon’s authority as King Jon makes the final call to return the Karhold and Last Hearth to their ancestral owners of Ned Umber and Alice Karstark. (These are two families that fought against Jon last season in the Battle of the Bastards). Jon sends Tormund to Eastwatch By The Sea, and in a great reversal of fate, the Wildlings are now the Night’s Watch. Jon and Sansa get in a fight after Jon is summoned south to swear fealty to Cersei. Sansa doesn’t seem to put enough emphasis on the Night King, believing that Cersei is actually a threat to the North. Jokes on you Sansa, never invade The North during the winter. Ask Stannis how that works.

4. Two Good Hands. 

Cersei and Jamie Lannister know that they fighting a losing war, and they need allies. They decide to grant an audience to Euron Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands, backed by the Iron Fleet which contains 1,000 ships. Euron gives an epic one liner, propositioning Cersei for marriage, saying, “I have 1,000 ships, and two good hands!” Euron was referring to Jamie only having one hand, and the fact that the Lannisters commit incest. Euron is an absolute savage, can’t wait to see more from him in later episodes.

5. Daenerys Targeryen Returns to Dragonstone. 

Daenerys arrives at her birthplace, Dragonstone, at the conclusion of the episode. Dragonstone was abandoned by Stannis Baratheon after he embarked on a failed crusade through the North to reclaim the Iron Throne. The scene contained almost no dialogue, and no real substance. Other than being a nothingburger this scene set the stage for what could be some entertaining Danny scenes. I really hope she finally does something cool, because watching her butt-fumble Mereen was one of the most frustrating parts of the show, but it’s Danny so she made the list.

Honorable Mentions:

Ed Sheeran gets a cameo. As Arya trots through the woods on her horse, she comes across a group of soldiers from King’s Landing. One of the soldiers is singing a beautiful tune, and is played by guest star Ed Sheeran! The scene is quite witty and funny, and the addition of the pop star is another reason to love the show’s unpredictability.

White Walkers. Obviously if White Walkers are in an episode they make my list. This was badass. We saw several White Walkers leading the army of the dead, and it was horrifying. Easily more than 100,000 undead following supernatural beings riding undead horses. Not to mention undead giants. Good luck fighting that.

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