Dem Senator Says Firing Mueller Would Set Off ‘Absolute Firestorm’ [VIDEO]

Sen Blumenthal Morning joe 7-24-17/Screenshot/TvEyesSen Blumenthal Morning joe 7-24-17/Screenshot/TvEyes

Democratic Sen. Dick Blumenthal of Connecticut warned President Donald Trump on “Morning Joe” Monday of the “absolute firestorm” that would occur if special counsel Robert Mueller is fired.

There are rumors Trump is considering dismissing Mueller, and a legal news site predicted Mueller won’t last 100 more days in office. Mueller is currently looking into former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort for possible money laundering tied to real estate deals, as well as Trump’s personal business transactions.

Both Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. have now agreed to turn over documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of the ongoing Russia investigation.

Blumenthal asked what would happen if Trump went ahead with plans to dismiss Mueller saying, “What would happen if he [Trump] fired Bob mueller? I think there would be an absolute firestorm. A cataclysmic reaction on both sides of the aisle.”

Blumenthal defended Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s finances saying that Russia is known to engage financially with those they wish to subvert, making the president’s financial transactions fair game for the special counsel to investigate.

“One thing for sure is, this investigation will not end if the president fires Bob Mueller. It will continue.”

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