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Wolf Blitzer: ‘What’s The Point’ Of Terrorism? [VIDEO]

Screen Shot Wolf Blitzer Asks About Terrorism (CNN: Aug 17, 2017)

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer felt the need to “remind viewers” about why terrorists try to kill mass amounts of people in attacks like the one in Barcelona, Spain.

Blitzer asked his guest, a former CIA operative, to explain the motivation behind the attacks.

“Remind our viewers why the purpose would be to simply go into a heavy populated tourist area, very popular international area in Barcelona, and simply drive at 50 miles per hour, at high speed, into this area to try and kill and injure as many men, women, and children, young and old, as possible,” Blitzer said.

“What’s the point?” he asked.

The guest, Bob Baer, explained somewhat obviously that terrorists become radicalized online by Jihadists who tell them to “kill as many as possible” because they believe in a “clash of civilization” between Muslim countries and the West.

“It’s very simplistic but very lethal and very difficult for the police in Europe to deal with,” Baer said.



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