The Empire Is Wearing Whole Cloth

Screen Shot Pence Defends Trump In Chile (Fox News; Aug 16, 2017)

If Vice President Pence is Trump’s pro-establishment decoy, it’s a stroke of brilliance. Unfortunately, Mr. Pence seemed all too sincere in his remarks to the NATO hopefuls at the Adriatic Charter summit in Montenegro this month.

He was on “a tour designed to reassure Eastern Europe of Washington’s commitment to its security despite doubts sowed by President Donald Trump’s lukewarm support for the Western military alliance,” reported Reuters.

The alliance assuring Eastern Europe security is the same NATO that not long ago bombed the region into submission, dismembering Yugoslavia into mono-ethnic statelets that would then need us for defense, and in the process saturated them with Wahhabis–who’d been eagerly awaiting that Islamic Christmas known as Western Intervention.

Now we’re assuring our pawns security. And against whom? Not the jihadists traversing the Bosnia-Kosovo-Sandzak corridor we delivered, but Russia. Which had tried to prevent our stripping away the security and stability in the first place but was too weak in 1999 to defy the new order. And when it tried to contain, via international institutions, the aftermath and breathtaking victor’s justice Washington-Brussels was ramming through, we called it “obstructionist, adversarial, aggressive, imperialist, and Soviet-revivalist.”

No, anyone who has paid attention to the Balkans beyond the start-and-stop cues of the ’90s Clinton media knows it’s not Russia that has “destabilized” the region, as the vice president parroted the Swamp.

In June, Montenegro became the most recent Yugoslav appendage to be recruited by NATO for our encirclement of Russia which, like everyone else in 1991, thought it and the U.S. were heading toward an era of friendship and mutual cooperation against a common global menace, a threat darker than any imaginings of man. Who could have foreseen—especially with 9/11 explaining what’s what—that Washington would instead view the darkness as a stick with which to hit rival powers? And would choose the jihadist over the Russian.

“As you all know, Russia continues to seek to redraw international borders by force,” Pence told the audience of the NATO-snatched: leaders from Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, and Slovenia, along with the NATO-curious: Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Serbia. (Indeed, such a mind freak have we pulled on Serbia that it’s considered membership into the NATO mafia that dismembered it.)

“Redrawing international borders by force” is something we started, in Kosovo, incidentally setting a precedent for where Russia has followed suit with less force, more legality, and more national interest than America in Kosovo. Undeterred by history, however, or his audience’s certain grasp of it, Mr. Pence continued without a hint of irony: “I can assure you the United States of America rejects any attempt to use force, threats or intimidation in this region or beyond.”

Richer still, the swamp speaking through Mr. Pence added that Russia was also seeking “to undermine democracies and divide you from each other and from the rest of Europe.” The dividing, of course, had started in 1991, when we backed secessionists in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia undermining constitutional protocols and usurping borders—which was what led to war.

The speech was of a piece with a Wall Street Journal op-ed just days earlier, in which CFR fellow Walter Russell Mead reduced Russian actions in the Balkans to “stirring up trouble,” via its “proxy Serbia” (a term that ignores Serbia’s subservience to virtually every Washington-Brussels diktat in its 20-year struggle to please us). Mentioned nowhere was the trouble-stirring by Washington, London, and Berlin when they designated Albanians as proxies, trained and armed them, and turned a blind eye as they kidnapped, tortured, beheaded, burned, drowned, vivisected, and drew-and-quartered Christian Serbs aged one to 80. This was the macabre list we topped off with the first NATO war that created the first NATO colony out of Serbia’s Jerusalem. Then into the middle of it we plunked Europe’s largest U.S. military base whose name no one knows (Camp Bondsteel).

Surely one can imagine there might be some pushback—maybe even some consequences–to such anti-civilization interventions? The unquantifiable terrorist blowback aside, is it inconceivable that by now Russia—which our barbarism directly has made great again—won’t sit back ala Yeltsin’s yes-man Russia?

But we’re to believe it’s Russia that’s “meddling” in the region, premised on the mantra that Russia acts to reestablish its “historical great-power role.” It couldn’t be, could it, that Russia was at least initially motivated by our common existential need for someone to curtail the chaos into which Washington and its jihadist proxies have plunged the world?

Ah, but by definition there can be nothing genuine in any Russian action, including the impulse to support the region’s Christians we helped cleanse. Why that’s just anti-American. Meanwhile, the by now global Christian-decimation we’ve effected is to be taken at face value as earnest humanitarian intervention.

“The West says Russia is increasingly engaged in the former Yugoslavia,” read the Reuters item on the veep’s trip, “particularly among fellow Orthodox Christians in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia.”

Yes, that nefarious Eastern-Orthodox solidarity that fingers have wagged at since the ’90s while handing the region on a silver platter to the ‘Islamic solidarity’ that fomented the conflicts in the first place. It’s a laugh anyone still asks, “Is the U.S. at war with Islam?” While Islam may be at war with the U.S., the U.S. is at war with Orthodox Christianity.

This explains why we prefer Islamic and Catholic nations despite their historical flirtations with Fascism, while never forgiving the Orthodox their one Communist stupor. Which brings us to the whipped cream and cherry of Mr. Pence’s visit. The vice president hauled out what by now can be called ‘the Estonia punchline,’ telling leaders of NATO members Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania they “could count on U.S. support if they faced aggression from Russia,” Reuters paraphrased. One wonders if there’s a WWII Axis sympathizer we’re not ready to die for? As early as 2010, Professor Serge Trifkovic explained, “Former Soviet satellites have…[an] acute psychological need to treat Russia as the enemy…The United States is serious about risking a thermonuclear war for the sake of, say, Estonia’s border with Russia.” Sure enough, here we are.

Prof. Trifkovic went on to cite an anecdote: “‘NATO poses no threat to Russia,’ we were told in Lisbon [2010 summit], with which it seeks ‘a true strategic partnership.’…[Dep. Prime Minister] Dmitry Rogozin offered an apt reply: ‘The NATO gamekeepers invite the Russian bear to go hunting rabbits together. The bear doesn’t understand: why do they have bear-hunting rifles?’”

“Russia hates NATO,” Mr. Mead ‘explained’ in his op-ed. On the contrary, it’s NATO that hates Russia. And a “game” is precisely what it is to our oh-so-serious-faced military, intelligence and political leaders. Serbia’s foreign affairs minister Ivica Dacic pointed out that this was the first time the summit was held at the head-of-state level. All to celebrate the latest in-Russia’s-face notch on our belt, Montenegro. And for making the ‘right’ choice, Montenegro was hailed by Mr. Pence as playing “the leading role in advancing stability and security of the Western Balkans.”

But stability is the last thing the Washington puppeteers want in that experimental theater known as the Balkans, lest they lose justification for continued engagement. The U.S. showing leadership where it isn’t needed—in distant Lego Lands where it purports to promote stability but does the opposite–is all part of the game.

Sadly, so hungry for a crumb of unity is our good vice president that he hailed the destructive sanctions bill his boss was forced to sign as a show of solidarity against Russia. In other words, we can’t get the suicidal left to go along with us on jihad, so let’s go along with them on Russia. Now there’s mature statecraft.

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