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Bill Belichick Gives The Most Bill Belichick Answer On Why He Won’t Be Buying Tom Brady’s Book

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Tom Brady’s book ‘The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance’ was released today and his coach Bill Belichick gave us the reason he will will not be purchasing the item.

Brady’s book covers the foods and workout methods he uses to be in the best possible shape and still be playing in the NFL at his age. Just watching Tom Brady on the field, I don’t know why anyone would not buy the book.

Brady steps on the field and proves every week that it seems to be working, not to mention he’s won five SuperBowl’s throughout his career. The quarterback also passed Peyton Manning for most times being named a player of the week after winning AFC’s Offensive Player of the Week for the 28th time.

Belichick told reporters when asked if he would purchase it, “We see Tom everyday, I don’t really think I need to read a book.” I guess he’ll just ask Tom in person if he really wants some advice on nutrition and exercise.

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