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Tucker Carlson Probably Waited For Years For This One Five Minute Section Of Time [VIDEO]

Screen Shot Tucker Carlson on Fox News (May 23, 2017)

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson finally asked a witch all the serious questions on his show Wednesday night, perhaps to make up for being forced to apologize to Wiccans on the network four years ago.

The Daily Caller cofounder interviewed Amanda Garcia, a pagan witch from Los Angeles, about her movement to cast spells on President Donald Trump.

“I hope you’ll pull back on your powers and spare our staff,” Carlson said dryly at the start of the segment.

“Is this legal? Can you run around and cast spells? Are you allowed to cast spells on people? Is there any federal regulation of this?” he asked of Garcia, before asking, “Is eye of newt an actual ingredient?”


While Carlson insisted to Garcia that the interview was sincere, his obvious skepticism led TheDC to recall an instance four years ago when Carlson was forced to apologize to Wiccans for mocking them on “Fox & Friends.”

“We ran a story about Wiccan and Pagan holidays being recognized at the University of Missouri. My comments on the story offended a number of people–that was never my intention,” Carlson said at the time. “The Wiccans have never bothered me or tried to control my life, I should’ve left them alone. Sorry bout that.”


So, did Carlson finally exact revenge four years later by conducting an entire mocking interview with a pagan witch? Can Carlson really hold a grudge for that long? It’s something to consider.

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