First Responders In Mexico Desperately Attempting To Rescue Girl Trapped Beneath Collapsed School

Rescue crews (MSNBC)Rescue crews (MSNBC)

First responders and volunteers desperately worked Thursday to rescue young girls trapped beneath the rubble of a collapsed school in Mexico City.

One young girl is currently stuck under a “granite table” in the English classroom of the school, according to local media. Mexico was rocked by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake just 48 hours ago.



The young girl told first responders that there are other children trapped with her, but it is not clear if they are alive. Authorities report that at least three children are stuck under the collapsed school, ranging from ages 5 to 9.

MSNBC reports 21 children were killed in the school’s collapse, including as many as 5 adults.

Mexican authorities are employing a crane to move heavy pieces of debris from the site. Doctors, a psychiatrist, and other professionals are on hand to assist in the effort.

The Tuesday earthquake’s death toll has risen to at least 237, The Guardian reports. (RELATED: Hundreds Dead In Massive Earthquake Near Mexico City)




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