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Woke! In The AM Episode II: The Frogs Are Gay

The Frogs Are Gay — Woke! In The AM Episode II Dave Brooks and Jonah Bennett/TheDCNFThe Frogs Are Gay — Woke! In The AM Episode II Dave Brooks and Jonah Bennett/TheDCNF

It’s that time again — wake up, wash your faces, grab your favorite morning vice and prepare to dive into the fraîchest and hottest takes about the news, culture and politics of the week with hosts Jonah Bennett and Dave Brooks.

This week Woke starts by unpacking Saudi Arabia’s recent decision to allow women to drive. Is this the best decision for women? And are they doing ladies a disservice by saddling them with even more responsibility? Jonah and Dave ask the tough questions and don’t shy away from the inconvenient truths. (RELATED: ‘Woke! In The AM’ Episode 1: Is Sunscreens Making Californians Gay?)

Woke is also back with another installment of “Woke Or Not Woke.” In the segment, Jonah and Dave take the most controversial happenings of the week, dissect them and declare them woke or not woke. Commie West Point grads with a thing for Chelsea Manning, NFL kneelers, and The New York Times’ claim that China’s Glorious Revolution advanced women’s rights are all discussed.

Come, settle down with the hottest culture show of the week and stay woke.

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