The Boomers Have Gone Too Far: Woke! In The AM Episode III

Michael Bastasch, Jonah Bennett and Dave Brooks With Woke! In The AM (TheDCNF)Michael Bastasch, Jonah Bennett and Dave Brooks With Woke! In The AM (TheDCNF)

It’s that time again — wake up, wash your faces, grab your favorite morning vice and prepare to dive into the fraîchest and hottest takes about the news, culture and politics of the week with hosts Jonah Bennett and Dave Brooks.

This week’s woke looks at not only one of the deadliest but also most overlooked threats facing our nation today — Baby Boomers. Jonah and Dave provide in-depth analysis about the boomer problem wreaking havoc on our nation, and they do not shy away from the tough solutions necessary to address it. (Related: Woke! In The AM Episode II: The Frogs Are Gay)

There is also a new segment of Woke or Not Woke, Woke Fashion, and a special interview with climate correspondent Sinbad Fraîche. Come get woke.

Editor’s Note: This is a comedy/satire show and is in no way intended to be taken seriously.

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