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CNN Contributor: Trump Makes People Choose Between Flag, Anthem, Borders, ‘Or Just Hating America’ [VIDEO]

Carpenter CNN screenshotCarpenter CNN screenshot

CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter remarked Thursday that President Donald Trump is forcing people to choose between the U.S. flag,the national anthem, strong borders and “hating America.”


“He is so good at making people choose between the flag, the anthem, strong borders or just hating America. He’s excellent at it and he’s getting better and better every single day,” Carpenter said.

“I think he’s going — if he continues this, he’s going to do very well in 2020.”

She continued: “If it’s a debate between Donald Trump, the flag and the liberals–the flag and Donald Trump are going to win. But I’m wondering: as Republicans are we going to be able to guide him to a better place? I agree, people should stand for the anthem. But I worry when Donald Trump tells a private corporation that he needs to make their employees stand, that’s dangerous territory. If there’s no reasonable, productive, democratic resistance, I don’t know how we’re going to stop him. We need to be thinking about that.”

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