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Former Bernie Campaign Chair: ‘It Was Pretty Clear’ DNC Favored Clinton [VIDEO]

Screen Shot David Weaver (CNN: Nov 3, 2017)Screen Shot David Weaver (CNN: Nov 3, 2017)

Jeff Weaver, the former chair for Bernie Sanders’ campaign, said “no one imagined” there was actually a formal arrangement for the DNC to favor Clinton in the Democratic primary.



Former DNC chair Donna Brazile revealed this week that she has “proof” that Hillary Clinton paid the Democratic National Committee in exchange for control of their strategy and finances.

During a CNN interview on Friday, Weaver said “it was pretty clear” that the DNC was in Clinton’s corner.

“I have to say, as you know, as someone who followed this campaign closely in 2016, it was pretty clear from the get-go that the DNC was in the Clinton camp with the rigged debate schedule and you remember them taking away our access to our voter file data,” Weaver said.

However, he also said he didn’t think the DNC’s support for Clinton was quite so nefarious.

“I dont think any of us imagined there was a formal arrangement giving Clinton control of the DNC, that’s for sure,” he asserted.

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