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Perez Says He Hasn’t Called Bernie Since DNC Rigging Allegations [VIDEO]

Screen Shot Tom Perez (FBN: Nov 8, 2017)

Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez said he is too busy focusing on elections to call Sen. Bernie Sanders abut the DNC’s primary rigging.



During a Wednesday morning interview, Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo grilled Perez on whether or not he has called Sanders since it was revealed Hillary Clinton had a contract with the DNC that gave her strategic control during the Democratic primary.

When Bartiromo first brought up the question, Perez tried to pivot to talking points about the Affordable Care Act, but Bartiromo kept pushing.

“Maria, I have been out on the stump campaigning for people, I have been focused on the future,” he said.

“Don’t you think you owe him a phone call?” Bartiromo asked. “You haven’t spoken to him since Donna Brazile’s comments?”

“You know, Maria, we’re all focused on winning elections,” Perez spinned. “We’re all focused on the future.”

“Right. and so was Bernie Sanders!” Bartiromo exclaimed. “Unfortunately Bernie Sanders hopes were dashed because it was rigged, so you haven’t spoken to Bernie Sanders, okay.”

Perez got bothered by the intense line of questioning and accused Bartiromo of lecturing him, stating, “I thought this was supposed to be a back and forth but maybe it’s not.”

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