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‘Did The Right Thing’: CNN’s Paul Begala Can’t Stop Whitewashing Al Franken [VIDEO]

Begala CNN ScreenshotBegala CNN Screenshot

CNN commentator Paul Begala seemed to defend Al Franken after the Democratic senator “apologized” over sexual misconduct allegations Thursday.


Begala, in reference to allegations against Franken made public Thursday, said, “Some of this is because Al Franken did the right thing and confessed. He admitted it.”

“Well, he didn’t admit the kiss part–he said he remembers it differently,” Jake Tapper said.

“He said ‘I remember it differently,’ but he apologized and he says he’s going to turn it over to the ethics committee,” Begala responded.

CNN’s Amanda Carpenter interrupted, saying, “But how could you refute the photo? The photo is right there–this is the only way these men get caught.”

Begala said, “He didn’t, he didn’t. Look at his statement, it’s a statement of remorse and contrition, as opposed to Roy Moore…”

The panel went back and forth, then Begala said, “I think he’s really trying to apologize and show contrition, remorse, and to be accountable to the ethics committee. What a contrast for Roy Moore who is attacking the Washington Post for telling the truth, attacking these women for telling the truth and somehow now it’s a conspiracy between…”

Carpenter replied, “But I do think the ethics committee is somewhat of a copout, ethics committee is where complaints goes to die…”

“That’s true, it’s a joke,” Tapper said.

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