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Campaign Creeps! Female Volunteers For Hillary, Bernie Allege Harassment

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders listen to singer Pharrell Williams during a campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, on November 3, 2016 (Getty Images)

According to a new report, young women working on both the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns now allege sexual harassment.

The Huffington Post reports that while then-19-year-old Lilian Adams worked as a paid organizer for the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign in Colorado, a man displayed harassing and generally creepy behavior towards her.

Adams told HuffPost, “He made multiple comments about my body, told people we were dating, would constantly try to get me to drink (I was 19), try to force me into situations where we were alone, encouraged me not to wear bras, etc.”

After multiple complaints that summer to her superiors, the man was fired. However, he was apparently working for a different state campaign again.

She told HuffPost, “he was technically fired but still ended up working for Hillary via the [other state] Democratic Party.”

Another young woman named Zoey Salsbury alleged that she experienced harassment while volunteering for Bernie Sanders on the campus of American University.

Most disturbingly, Salsbury says that after she wrote about her experience on social media recently, she got a call from a lawyer. According to the report, she described the call as “…the kind of call you make when you’re trying to feel out if someone has the interest and/or standing to bring a lawsuit.”

The report did not name either of the alleged harassers.

This news comes after a number of politicians and public figures have faced allegations of harassment. Most recently, Democratic Sen. Al Franken was accused of sexual misconduct in 2006. (RELATED: Woman Accuses Senator Al Franken Of Molesting Her During USO Tour)

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