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CNN Analyst: Bill Clinton Should Apologize For Sexual Misconduct [VIDEO]

Powers CNN screenshotPowers CNN screenshot

CNN analyst Kirsten Powers said Friday that Bill Clinton should apologize for his alleged sexual misconduct and extramarital affairs.


Powers, appearing on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper,” said, “I think that [Kirsten Gillibrand] is speaking for a lot of Democrats who have long had anger towards the Clintons for having to basically stay silent or, you know, not be critical of this kind of behavior and look like hypocrites.”

“Now people made a choice to do that, but, look, even at the time people were very, very angry when it happened with the Monica Lewinsky situation and him lying, and we’re not even getting into–she’s just talking about Lewinsky. We’re not even getting into the other accusations against him, Juanita Broaddrick…” she continued.

“Sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, yeah,” host Jake Tapper added.

She added, “This has been something that has been hanging over the Democratic Party for the last 20-plus years. And honestly, you know, Bill Clinton should also have to come out and apologize and have some sort of reckoning at some point, you know, for the accusations against him. If we are supposed to believe every woman that makes an accusation, that would still be true of Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones. And instead we’re sort of told well, ‘that didn’t happen, let’s not pay attention.'”

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