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Bernie Gets Asked If Franken Should Resign — His Answer Is Cringe Inducing

Bernie Sanders CNN Screen Shot 2017-11-20Bernie Sanders CNN Screen Shot 2017-11-20

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got cold feet Monday when asked to condemn the alleged sexual misbehavior of Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and Bill Clinton.

When asked by Jake Tapper on CNN if former president Clinton should have resigned after his bombshell sexual relationship with a White House intern, Sanders dodged, saying, “I don’t think that at this moment that our goal is to look back 20 years or 30 years.”



One of Sanders’ colleagues, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, said last week Clinton should have resigned after his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. Those comments have caused a stir among the Democratic establishment.

When asked point blank if his Senate colleague Al Franken should resign after multiple sexual misconduct allegations have been leveled against him, Sanders paused, swallowed and said it was a “decision for Al Franken and the people of Minnesota.”

The Vermont senator added that Franken is very “popular” in Minnesota.

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