These AMAZING Bluetooth Headphones Solve The Biggest Problem With Bluetooth Headphones

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What is the worst part about Bluetooth headphones? By far, it is the short battery life. Most bluetooth headphones barely last a couple hours before dying. These Syllable bluetooth headphones solve that problem. They come with 4 replaceable 80mAh batteries AND a 400mAh smart charging case. Yep, if you carry around your case you can continuously charge the excess batteries and replace them when your headphones die. It is the perfect cycle.

We are so enthralled with this idea that we got you 25 percent off with the code VTIDVM3E

Normally $80, these bluetooth headphones are 25 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)
Normally $80, these bluetooth headphones are 25 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Wireless Earbuds Syllable Bluetooth Headphones Carried 4 Replaceable 80mAh Batteries on sale for $59.99 with code VTIDVM3E

I am not the only one to LOVE these headphones. A full 95 percent of customers gave these a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. That comes out to a 4.9-star average rating. These headphones make for a GREAT Christmas present.

Here is what the top reviewer wrote:

W. Dickerson called them “Great innovative Bluetooth earbuds.

I just love these earbuds!!!

I own quite a few sets of Bluetooth earbuds. I am always looking for a better set. The biggest gripe I have with most of the sets I have is the battery life. This set from Syllable solves the battery life issue in a unique way. Instead of building the battery into the earbuds, they made the batteries external. The batteries connect magnetically to the earbuds. They also did a great thing by sending 4 batteries in the charging case. The battery case charges 2 at a time.

I also really like the way they fit in my ears. The sound quality is good too.

W. Truj called them “Hands down THE BEST Bluetooth headphones I’ve ever bought!”:

I have probably used 10 Bluetooth headphones in the past couple of years, sports, single-ear, wireless double ear style, you name it. I have to say these are THE BEST Bluetooth headphones I’ve ever bought!
– It is ultra easy to use. You don’t have to worry about turning them on or off. Just connect the battery (which is magnetic), it turns on then re-connect to your recent device. when you’re done, just pull off the battery, put it back in the case to charge or just store away.
– Truly non-stop music! the set came with 4 batteries and 1 battery case (which can charge the batteries even when you’re on the go!) This means I will never need to stop using the earphones and wait for batteries to charge.
– Perfectly synced earbuds. These earbuds fit well, audio quality is great, and they were pre-synced. I didn’t have to sync or connect the 2 earbuds by myself. Having used a couple of kinds of wireless double-earbud headphones, this is the best design I came across.

One thing I noticed it that they seem to use the left piece as main piece then have the right earbud synced to it. Which means I could use the left ear one by itself; or use the right one, but have to keep the left one connected to battery.

“Truly non-stop music.” That’s all I’m asking for when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. Looks like I finally have the answer.

Photo via Amazon
Photo via Amazon

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