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Get Ready For The Week With This Model’s Amazing Bikini Photo

ANLLELA SAGRA Youtube screenshotANLLELA SAGRA Youtube screenshot

Model Anllela Sagra showed off her body in a bikini on Instagram Sunday.

Sagra is an athlete and a bit of a gym rat.

Us Smokeroom writers probably don’t hit the gym as much as we should, but Sagra’s success is pretty good inspiration. Of course, we’re not attractive women either, so who knows.

Her Instagram is filled with photos and videos like this one in case you’re interested, and we know you are. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Sexiest Women On Instagram)

Sagra was born in Columbia and attended a university there to study fashion design.

She’s 24-years-old and has gained over nine million followers on Instagram, which she updates frequently for her fans. (SLIDESHOW: Brittney Palmer‘s Instagram Account Rarely Includes Clothing)

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