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CNN’s Jake Tapper: So What That Conyers Is An Icon? [VIDEO]

Jake Tapper CNN screenshotJake Tapper CNN screenshot

CNN’s Jake Tapper questioned why it matters that Rep. John Conyers is an “icon” in an interview with Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier Tuesday,.


On “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” he asked, “I guess I’m a little struck by this whole ‘John Conyers is an icon’ thing that I’m hearing from Pelosi and the CBC. And, again, with respect, from you as well. I mean, Harvey Weinstein was a film icon, Charlie Rose and Mark Halperin were journalistic icons. Bill Cosby was a comedy icon. I can go on and on.”

Tapper continued, “Why is Congress acting like they are somehow special if their members get caught doing unacceptable things for women? I mean, who cares if they’re iconic if they were actually sexually harassing and assaulting women?”

Speier answered, “Well, first of all, Jake, you’re absolutely right. They’re totally unrelated and it doesn’t matter if you’re an icon in business or film or media, and if you conduct yourself in that manner then you are no longer privy to those roles that you held.”

She added, “So you can on the one hand say someone is a good journalist, but the fact that they have conducted themselves in a fashion that was sexually harassing, you know, taints it. There is no question about it.”

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