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MSNBC Guest: Eric Trump’s Tweet On Pocahontas ‘Dumb As Hell’ [VIDEO]

MSNBC screenshot

A guest on MSNBC Tuesday said that Eric Trump’s tweet about Pocahontas was “dumb as hell.”


Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, appearing on “Deadline: White House,” said, “Donald Trump is just an exaggerated indication of the rot that’s at the heart of the country. He becomes an easy avatar. He becomes an easy scapegoat, but he represents something that’s across the nation, we might call it just 30 percent, but it’s always there. Even with the election of Barack Obama in 2008, and what we need to simply say is that Donald Trump is a bigot, period, he’s a bigot and he’s governing like a bigot.”

He added, “Donald Trump is a bigot, and what he’s doing is he’s appealing to bigots in this country. And let me just say this really quickly, what Mike Huckabee said and what Eric Trump said, it’s dumb as hell. It doesn’t make any sense, we just need to say it’s dumb as hell.”

This was in reference to a tweet sent out by Eric Trump Tuesday:

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