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Sen. Warren Whines About ‘Pocahontas’ Nickname On ‘Double Take’

Screenshot Double Take Nov 28Screenshot Double Take Nov 28

On the latest episode of “Double Take,” Elizabeth Warren gets up in arms because President Donald Trump calls her “Pocahontas” due to the fact that she lied about her heritage.



Medusa Magazine recently went out of business because too many people took the publication seriously. It was supposed to be the equivalent of The Onion for feminism, akin to news satire. However, due to the fact that readers and media alike seem to be unable to tell the difference between sarcasm and real news, the publication shut down as it was being cited as a legitimate news source.

Following Medusa Magazine, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently called Rep. John Conyers Jr., the oldest serving member in the house, an “icon” amid allegations of sexual misconduct as recent as a 2015 settlement for $27,000.

Finally, Sen. Elizabeth Warren cannot escape President Trump’s nickname of “Pocahontas” due to the fact that she lied about being Native American. The Massachusetts senator was certainly disgruntled on national television after President Trump called Sen. Warren the nickname at an event honoring Navajo code talkers.

What will “Double Take” take on next? Watch to find out!

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