Smok’s ‘Lock And Load’ Mag Mod Is Perfect For Vaping Gun Owners


Smok’s Mag mod is the perfect choice for gun owners who vape.

The structure of the mod resembles the handle and grip of a handgun, and the battery chamber is inserted similar to the way you would insert a magazine into a gun. It even makes a “lock and load” sound when you do that.

Even better, the fire button mimics the trigger of a firearm. It truly is an interesting style choice coming from Smok. It comes in a variety of colors, as well.

The Mag mod is sold as a kit, which includes a TFV12 Prince tank. The tank has a super large e-juice capacity of 8ml. This device has a large HD color screen that displays the menu settings. It is powered by dual 18650 batteries with a maximum power output of up to 225 watts.

The video below demonstrates how to operate the mod, and describes its specifications.

Smok Mag Mod Kit on sale for $58.80

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