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Tucker Goes Head-To-Head With Feminist Over False Sexual Assault Allegations [VIDEO]

Tucker Areu Fox News screenshot

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson debated a journalist Monday over a feminist writer who said she was not concerned with false sexual assault accusations against men.


In a segment about a feminist writer who tweeted that she was “not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations,” Tucker talked to journalist Cathy Areu about false allegations of sexual assault.

Areu said, “She was defending it saying that it would be wrong, but microscopic in the sense that what happens to women and women’s reputations is so much worse than what would happen to a man’s reputation. Women’s reputations are destroyed constantly on a daily basis.”

Carlson asked, “So facts don’t really matter? So, in other words, she’s saying you should respect me when I make the case that facts don’t really matter? Cause that’s what she saying.”

Areu said, “Well maybe she’s trying to say let’s level the playing field, and men are finally feeling the pain that women have felt for a long time, for centuries.”

The Daily Caller co-founder replied, “In other words, you’re saying ‘I think what happened to women was wrong, so I‘m going to do it to men because it feels good.’ Why should I take you seriously as a person, if thats the case you’re making?”

“Well, social injustice is not okay, but she’s saying it happens to women all of the time. So men are finally getting a taste of it, women are finally getting a little bit of power. Now men are starting to feel a little bit of the pain, welcome to our club,” Areu responded.


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