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WATCH: Cop Accidentally Tasers His Partner During An Arrest [VIDEO]

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A shocking video shows a police officer accidentally tazing his partner during an arrest.

WATCH: (Warning, language is explicit)

The video’s description on the hosting site LiveLeak claims this incident took place in Riverside, Ohio.

The description adds, “The officers had responded to a domestic incident and found the suspect, Christopher McClinton, 22, sitting in a vehicle. McClinton reportedly refused to give police identification or get out of the vehicle. The officers pulled him from the vehicle and he began resisting. As one officer tried to hold him down, the officer fired his taser.”

A timestamp on the video suggests it was recorded on November 23.

I honestly feel bad for everyone in this video. It seems like a terrible situation all around. That being said, this officer should maybe exercise a bit more restraint with the ol’ taser.

I also imagine these two guys share an office, and maybe even a squad car. Can you imagine the awkward conversation? Like, “sorry I tazed you back there, man.”

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