Holocaust Survivors Furious Over Nude Game Of Tag In Nazi Gas Chamber

Gas chamber at Stutthof (shutterstock/Robson90)Gas chamber at Stutthof (shutterstock/Robson90)

Jewish Holocaust survivor groups demanded an explanation Wednesday from Poland’s president for a video of a naked game of tag in a Nazi gas chamber.

The video, called “Game of Tag,” was originally displayed in 2015 at Krakow’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and depicts a group of alleged artists playing tag while naked in the gas chamber of the former Nazi death camp Stutthof in Poland, according to Times of Israel (TOI). The museum initially displayed the video without explaining where it was filmed, but the Organization of Holocaust Survivors in Israel sent a letter to Polish President Andrzej Duda demanding an explanation after they found out where it was filmed.

The Jewish organizations that signed the letter demanded to know whether the Polish government had investigated the making of the video and whether the group that filmed the video did “obtain permission from the Stutthof administrators to make this video, what rules exist for proper conduct at the site, how these are enforced,” according to TOI.

The Krakow museum featured the video as part “Poland – Israel – Germany. The experience of Auschwitz,” an exhibition sponsored by the Israeli embassy in Poland about the impact of the death camp on public speech and discussion. Jewish groups ardently protested the video, however, believing that the location of the film was a set meant to represent a gas chamber, according to a 2015 statement from the Simon Weisenthal Center.

“It is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time,” Efraim Zuroff, the SWC’s chief Nazi hunter, told the Jerusalem Post in 2015. “They lied about it. It is just revolting and a total insult to the victims and anyone with any sense of morality or integrity.”

The Israeli embassy subsequently demanded that the video be removed from the exhibition.

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