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‘Certain Kinds Of People’: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Makes Flynn Charges All About Race

Hayes MSNBC screenshot

MSNBC host Chris Hayes somehow made President Trump’s reaction to Michael Flynn being charged about race Friday.


Hayes, appearing on “MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin,” said, “The last thing I’ll say, Craig, and it strikes me watching Michael Flynn say ‘lock her up,’ this is a President of the United States who ran on ‘law and order,’ his contempt for criminals.

“He has gave a law and order speech at his Inauguration. There are four members of his campaign that have either been charged with felonies or pleaded guilty to felonies and possibly more on the way,” Hayes continued.

“The president somehow expresses zero anger or rage at the systematic violations of the law that appeared to have happened under his watch but is happy to talk about a ten-year sentence for LaVar Ball’s son for shoplifting in China,” Hayes stated. “It’s interesting, the different areas the president feels strongly about law and order, and which ones he doesn’t.”

Craig Melvin added, “It would seem to a lot of folks that the president is concerned about certain kinds of laws…”

“Certain kinds of people,” Hayes said.

“Yeah,” Melvin responded.

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