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Ontario Will Soon Have Annual Trans Day Of Remembrance

transgender Shutterstock/John Gomeztransgender Shutterstock/John Gomez

The Canadian province of Ontario will soon officially mark Nov. 20 as an annual day of remembrance for transgendered people.

The Trans Day of Remembrance passed its second reading in the Ontario legislature Thursday, the Canadian Press reports.

Although the legislation is a private member’s bill sponsored by New Democrat Member of the Provincial Parliament Cheri DiNova, the bill passed its latest legislative hurdle without any serious opposition. It will come up for third and final reading in the new year.

The bill’s sponsor claims the transgendered are enduring global persecution.

“It is the most oppressed community and minority in the world right now and we owe it to them to do something,” DiNova told the Canadian Press. “It’s not just about death, although there’s a lot of it. … It’s about our willingness and our ability to accept difference in our communities.”

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is the province’s first openly lesbian leader and is supporting the bill. The Ontario legislature has already set aside a minute of silence to remember the transgendered and even flies the “trans flag” on the front lawn. But DiNova is worried that the current observance might be ignored by future governments so she is insisting the day be highlighted by law.

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