12 States Are Trying To Take A California Egg Law To The Supreme Court

Here is a photo of a carton of brown eggs. (Photo: Shutterstock/ Vicki Vale)Here is a photo of a carton of brown eggs. (Photo: Shutterstock/ Vicki Vale)

Twelve states are trying to take a California egg law to the Supreme Court, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

A dozen states filed the lawsuit Monday to block a California law requiring any eggs sold in the state must come from hens that have enough space to stretch out in their cages, reported The Associated Press. This law has cost consumers up to $350 million annually due to the higher egg prices, according to the Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley.

The states suing are Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin.

The law took effect in 2015 and violates the U.S. Constitution’s intersatate commerce clause and preempted by federal law, according to the lawsuit. The California law is “a clear attempt by big-government proponents to impose job-killing regulations” on other states, Hawley said in a statement.

A similar lawsuit was brought to a federal appeals court panel, but it was rejected in a separate case by six states arguing they failed to show how the law would affect people other than individual farmers.

The new lawsuit cite a study put out by a University of Missouri economist that concludes the price for a dozen eggs increased nationally between 1.8% and 5.1% since the implementation of cage requirements.

The lawsuit is asking U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case directly instead of going through lower courts first, reported U.S. News.

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