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Bud Light Sends The Coolest Cease And Desist Ever Over ‘Dilly Dilly’ Beer

Budweiser (Credit: Shutterstock)Budweiser (Credit: Shutterstock)

Bud Light sent Modist Brewing in Minnesota what might be the coolest cease and desist letter in the history of America.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted out a video of a man dressed in medieval attire reading off a clever cease and desist letter about Modist Brewing’s new beer, which appears inspired by the famous Bud Light commercials.

“AWESOME: Minnesota craft brewer @ModistBrewing created a ‘Dilly Dilly’ beer, so Bud Light responded by sending a medieval town-crier to respond,” Rovell tweeted Sunday night.

I totally understand why Bud Light felt the need to send a C&D. I can’t blame anybody for trying to secure their business. It’s awesome that they did it this way. A normal letter would have been so boring and probably not looked great for the company.

However, this is amazing free advertising and just very cool overall. Budweiser played this situation to complete perfection. Well done.

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