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‘DISGUSTING’: CNN Commentator Gets Triggered Over Franken Being Compared To Moore [VIDEO]

CNN screenshot Rosen

Democratic strategist and CNN commentator Hilary Rosen didn’t hold back much on the network Monday, calling it “appalling” to compare Roy Moore and Al Franken.


After conservative guest Ed Martin compared Franken and Moore on “At This Hour With Kate Bolduan,” Rosen said, “Well, this is the problem with this kind of false equivalency and I think honestly the Democrats screwed this up with Al Franken.”

She added, “But, the fact that you–that you justify saying that Roy Moore–who–these women were credible, they were public, they have nothing to gain, and by the way, they were Republicans, still are Republicans, the fact that you say, ‘Well, it’s okay for Roy Moore to be in the Senate because Al Franken is still there,’ is just appalling.”

Rosen also said that those who justify Moore so they can have a Republican vote in the Senate are “disgusting,” also saying, “You guys should be ashamed of yourselves to suggest that because Al Franken put his hand on a woman’s ass that Roy Moore should also be in the Senate.”

“Sorry, you should be ashamed of that,” Rosen said.

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