This Pack Of 3 Flood Lights Is 58 Percent Off With This Code

Safe and reliable (Photo via LE)Safe and reliable (Photo via LE)

This 3-pack of floodlights is usually $129. However, there is currently a sale going on in which they are only $60. Well, we wanted you to save even more: you can get them for just $54 with the code SMART10.

These lights are special. There are two ways you can control them, either with the bluetooth remote control or with the corresponding app. Like any good floodlights, they are waterproof (although you do have to make sure to cover the power adapter part and all wire joints). Also, they can change colors.

Normally $129, this 3-pack of flood lights is 58 percent off with the code (Photo via LE)
Normally $129, this 3-pack of flood lights is 58 percent off with the code (Photo via LE)

10W iLUX Smart Bluetooth Mesh LED RGB Flood Lights, Pack of 3 Units on sale for $53.99 with code SMART10

I will share what some of the customers said about these lights. They were very satisfied.

George Herrera wrote:

“These lights were well made and did just what they were supposed to do. The best part is the app function with which you can control the brightness and colors.”

Mandy Richards wrote:

“Awesome RGB lights, you can control them with the remote as well as the app on your phone.”

Raven Whiting wrote:

“Fantastic RGB flood lights. I love the variety of colors that produce and that you can control them from the App on your phone. They are perfect to light up special areas in your yard or to decorate for holidays.”

My guess is if you get these lights, you will be satisfied, too.

Safe and reliable (Photo via LE)
Safe and reliable (Photo via LE)

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