The Shower System Of The Future Is $150 Off Today

Nebia/YouTube screenshotNebia/YouTube screenshot

Nebia’s spa shower bills itself as “the future of water.” It provides an immersive shower sensation that is contoured to the shape of your body (while also using 70 percent less water than a regular shower). It promises the average homeowner savings of 20,000 gallons of water per year, so “between the water and energy savings, Nebia pays for itself.” And that’s considering its normal price tag of $650. With this one-day-only deal, it really pays for itself. 

The Nebia spa shower is made in the U.S.A. , and its water droplet travel at twice the velocity of an ordinary shower stream. No wonder the Wall Street Journal called it “revolutionary.”

Normally $650, this atomizing shower is $150 off today (Photo via Amazon)
Normally $650, this atomizing shower is $150 off today (Photo via Amazon)

Nebia Spa Shower: Luxury Water Innovation. Sustainable Atomizing Shower System with 10″ Head, Handheld Wand, Adjustable Height. Award Winning Design, Aluminum, Easy DIY Install. Made in USA. on sale for $499

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